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Womens Self-Defense

Ages 13 and up

Almost any type of traditional martial arts training will give some degree of self-defense benefit, but because of the “hard-soft” nature of Kuk Sool Won, the emphasis on attacking the sensitive joints and pressure points of an attacker and the idea of not trying to meet force-with-force (after all, most attackers will be bigger and stronger than you), Kuk Sool Won is an excellent system for self defense.

You will begin learning defensive techniques right away (remember, Kuk Sool is a martial art, not a sport), and many of them will be immediately applicable. As you progress in Kuk Sool Won, learning more and more techniques and developing a more comprehensive “toolbox” of techniques, the self-defense skills that you develop will become progressively more effective.

In addition, Greater Rochester Kuk Sool Won offers regular workshops that are dedicated completely to self-defense and teach Kuk Sool techniques and concepts in a contemporary way. These classes also get into defense against weapons and multiple attackers much sooner than in our regular program.

With the vast array of techniques in Kuk Sool Won and our emphasis on having our students understand the principles behind them, Kuk Sool Won is one of the very best systems around for learning self defense

  • Build The Confidence needed to protect yourself

  • Learn proven, real-world self-defense techniques

  • Prevent attacks early by learning awareness skills

  • Defusing a situation by learning verbal skills

  • And much more.

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