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Kuk Sool NY operates three State of the Art Kuk Sool Won facilities allowing practitioners the ability to train and practice  in an engineered environment specifically for Martial Arts

Williamson School


Located on Main St, the Williamson School is in the center of the business district and within walking distance to the Middle and High Schools.

Ontario School


Kuk Sool Won of Ontario is a premier martial arts facility located on Route 104 on the Webster/Ontario boarder.

Wolcott  School


The Wolcott Kuk Sool Won school is conveniently located on the edge of town near the baseball fields.

Williamson School

4077 West Main St
Williamson, NY 14589

Tel: 315-589-4066

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Ontario School

392 Rt 104

Ontario, NY 14519

Tel: 585-216-2122

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Wolcott School

11807 West Main St.

Wolcott, NY 

(315) 594-8991


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