Ji Do Kwang Jahng Nim

Gary Evarts

Kuk Sool Won of Greater Rochester is very proud to have Master Gary Evarts as our head instructor. Master Evarts has more than 35 years of martial arts experience, is a two-time World Champion in Weapons, Forms, and Self-Defense, and has been featured in numerous magazines, including the cover Tae Kwon Do Times. Master Evarts has trained over 200 black belts and works closely with New York State Troopers in fitness and self-defense programs. He is also an adjunct professor at Finger Lakes Community College, where he teaches defensive tactics.

  • Rank: 7th Degree Black Belt

  • His Instructors: Kuk Sa Nim (the founder and Grand Master of Kuk Sool Won) and 9th Degree Master Barry Harmon

  • Schools: Ontario & Williamson

  • Started in Martial Arts: 1976

  • Year Received Black Belt: 1984

  • Favorite Technique: Ki Bon Soo #5

  • Sport Titles: 1990 World Open Championship (Niagara Falls, NY)- Silver; 1990-1992: 5 Times Open National Rated #1 forms, weapons and self defense; 1992: World Open Championship (Atlantic City, NJ)- Silver; 1995: World Kuk Sool Championships (Houston, TX)- 2 Golds

  • Other Martial Arts Accomplishments: 12-page article and featured on the cover of Tae Kwon Do Times; Feature article in Side Kicks Magazine; Pictured twice in Karate Kung Fu Illustrated; Numerous small write ups in Smash, Sport Karate Magazines

  • Martial Arts Goal: To help my instructors become better teachers and more successful than I am in both life and Martial Arts, which in turn will trickle down to their students.

  • Hobbies: Cruising in a 1966 Mustang GT, riding the chopper and playing basketball.


Pu Sa Bum Nim

Joe Weinschreider

  • Rank: 3rd Degree Black Belt

  • Started in Martial Arts: 1984

  • Year Received Black Belt: 1988

  • Favorite Techniques: JGSMS #7

  • Favorite Hobbies:

  • Favorite Books: KSW Textbook #1-4

  • Classes: Joe covers classes for Advanced and Adults



Pu Sa Bum Nim

Thomas Hordin

  • Rank: 3rd Degree Black Belt

  • Started in Martial Arts: 2005

  • Year Received Black Belt: 2009

  • Favorite Technique: Ki Bohn Soo #9

  • Hobbies: Fitness and exercise, hiking, languages, playing piano or flute, gardening, woodworking, and collecting books. There is no such thing as having too many interests.

  • Philosophy: Physical and mental flexibility is the key to longevity.

  • Motivational song: Move any Mountain by the Shamen (yes, he knows its dated)

  • Classes: Tom teaches Tiny Tigers, Little Dragons and Adult classes

Kyo Sa Nim

Steve Delaosacruz

  • Rank: 2nd Degree Black Belt

  • School: Williamson

  • Started in Martial Arts: 

  • Year Received Black Belt: 

  • Martial Arts Goal:

  • Favorite Subject:

  • Favorite Sport:

  • Classes: KSN Steve teaches Tuesday and Thursday evening classes

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